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Tejiendo Ciudad

Narrative sequence in video format of the works by Carolina Alba, Mónica Herrera, María Narezo, Gabriela Olivares, Yanina Pelle, Valentina Sarmiento Cruz, and Luisa Vidales.

The coordinate system was designed to achieve the precise location of an object/subject on a surface. Seeking accuracy, a universal geometric method was developed where the projection and crossing of lines are taken as axes to determine the location of an object in a space and/or of a geographic space.

The third space suggests a hybrid dwelling between virtuality and reality, a space where the public intersects with the private and the binary man-woman is questioned.

What will be the coordinates to inhabit the third space? What would it be like to move away from the idea of projection of axes to a third space? Without a doubt, this coordinate system will have its own characteristics.

The artistic work of the participants and their argumentative context are taken as a coordinate within this other system to inhabit the third space. The kind of projections that offer orientation and location on a surface, but are far from the universal geometric system and with the potential to unfold the experience through subjective interpretations in and of space.

In a 10-minute video, to be projected on a wall, two narrative sequences take place: one is developed with images of Mexico City, maps, and Cartesian coordinates*, while the other contains images, audio, and text on the participants’ work. These two narrative sequences presented simultaneously take place as a comparative exercise: the coordinates as a location method designed by universal geometry, and the coordinates to inhabit the third space based on the interpretative manifestation of the women who inhabit the city(ies).

The coordinates to inhabit the third space are displayed in subjective axes that observe, argue, question, and problematize space/time/distance from materiality and the visual archive. Just as the Cartesian axes suggest a location method for universal geometry, our coordinates suggest their own axes and projections for the location and orientation in the third space.

What would happen if we socialized our own coordinates for geographic location purposes? They are indeed possibilities to locate and guide that can exist in a third space. If the coordinates were not based on longitudinal and/or transversal axes, what could they be based on?

What delimits a space is what makes this space exist.